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소개 Jilanne

Vision and Mission

Ever since I was young, I have loved world missions. Whether listening to missionaries tell stories at my church’s annual missions conference or reading missionary biographies, learning about what God was doing in other parts of the world filled me with wonder and excitement. As an adult I grew in my love for the local church, studying the Bible, and walking alongside others as they grew in their faith. My time at Calvin Seminary has developed and deepened these passions. Entering my final year of seminary in September, I was uncertain of the future yet confident that God had a plan for me after graduation. The opportunity to teach in Uganda was unexpected, but as I began to explore the option and ask questions God continued to open doors and connect me to the ministry there: a conversation with my professor who had been to Uganda that summer, which led to a zoom call with a missionary couple in Uganda, which led to a zoom call with the president and academic dean of the seminary in Kampala (not to mention nearly every time I bring up Uganda someone tells me they have a connection there!). It now seems evident that throughout my life God has been leading and preparing me for this next step in my journey with him.

Mission Work

I will be moving to Kampala, Uganda and working at Kampala Evangelical School of Theology (KEST). My role will be multi-functional; I will teach courses, review and develop curriculum and training material, and manage the school’s theological library. I will also get to work with the non-formal training KEST offers in communities for church leaders who are unable to apply for a formal degree. The mission statement of KEST is “to prepare and equip men and women for effective ministry and service in Church and in Society.” I am humbled and honored by this opportunity to play a part in KEST’s mission and use the gifts God has given me to serve the church in Uganda. I am excited to experience a different country and culture and anticipate growing in my relationship with God and learning about myself as I learn from the people in Uganda. My contract with KEST is for one year with the option and expectation of extending it for two years.

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