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소개 Jeong and MiSook


We want to see more people coming to Jesus Christ, because our Father in heaven desires it. We go to Japan and beyond to share God’s love. We are called by God and sent by you to invite people to Jesus. Together with you, we want to see God’s dream fulfilled in Japan and beyond.

God has reconciled us to Him through Christ Jesus, and has given us the ministry of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:20).

So, we are working hard to share the love of Jesus Christ. This is the second vision that God put into our hearts. We need your prayers and support to continue our work in Japan and beyond for the glory of the Lord.


To realize these two great visions, we will:

  • find faithful and visionary leaders and help them to be Missional Leaders through mentoring and coaching, Discovery Bible Studies, Evangelical Training Associations, and Timothy Leadership Training,
  • encourage and help them make their churches Mission-Shaped Congregations by using what they learned from the trainings.
  • challenge them to be connected with each other for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ in this region and beyond - being together, sharing life together, learning together and doing together.


Our mission work covers Japan and its neighboring countries. Along with the big size of these countries, people from these three countries are dispersed throughout the world. We aim for two things to be covered through our work in this region: our immediate work in these countries and our involvement beyond the physical boundary via our partners all over the world. We can virtually reach wherever the people from these countries are with our trainings and the materials that we produce.

We know that this region is one of the most volatile places, politically and spiritually, and it will continue to be throughout the 21st century. We all need special wisdom and courage to continue to work in this region, to be the messengers of real peace in Jesus Christ.

Thankfully, God has already prepared so many faithful brothers and sisters, including you, who are willing to sacrifice the comfort of their life. In Japan, we will continually work with RCJ, our exclusive mission partner in Japan for almost 70 years. With the change in mission policies of Resonate, God has recently opened many new doors. Now, we have more partners than ever before including RCJ, RCA-Japan, JMTS in Japan, ACTS in Korea, and several Presbyterian denominations in Korea such as Koshin, Hapdong, and even Gijang. We want to develop at least five to six training centers in each country by 2025. Each training center should have at least ten certified trainers available so that the leadership training ministry will be continually carried out and expanded.
We are confident in facing the huge challenge that our enemy brings us, not because we are powerful, but because of God's power through his unchanging promise written in Matthew 28:20.

Praise the Lord for this. We are grateful for your partnership with us in this region. Hallelujah!

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