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소개 Jennifer

Vision and Mission

After returning from Haiti in 2012, I joined Wycliffe Bible Translators in 2013. In September 2015, I began serving in Papua New Guinea as a Scripture Use Facilitator with the Scripture Access team. My role is to support and encourage the translators as they are working in their communities. With over 830 languages, Papua New Guinea is the most culturally diverse country in the world. While our organisation works in over 150 languages throughout the country, well over 200 language groups still wait to hear and know God’s Word in a language they understand clearly.

Mission Work

As Scripture is being translated, my team and I come alongside the communities to encourage and strengthen the translators so that they can grow closer to God and better understand the redemptive work through Jesus Christ. We strive to see God's Word touch all areas of their lives. Through workshops and short seminars, church leaders are encouraged to share and apply Scripture in their own lives, churches and communities using creative ways and local methods of song writing, story telling, dramas, and more. The workshops we use help provide healing from trauma in their lives and challenge their thinking about cultural practices. We also share about various ways to teach children through Sunday School teaching. The opportunities are abundant.

I look forward to seeing communities impacted by God’s love and His Word as they learn and understand Scripture in a language that speaks to their hearts. Please join me in praying as His light and Truth spread throughout Papua New Guinea and the world.

Support Jennifer

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