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소개 Andrew and Ruth


We see the need for quality Christian education and the hope it provides in a world full of brokenness.

We see God at work through people and organizations in Managua, and we see opportunities for our family to join what God is already doing in that place.

We see the seeds that we plant through our work bearing the fruit of the Spirit in ways that we may not immediately comprehend. The children that attend Nicaragua Christian Academy (NCA) are the future of Nicaragua, and we see these children maturing into lovers of mercy, justice, and peace.

We see our story fit into God’s timeless story around the world/globe—a story in which we see the incredible ways God grows His Kingdom. We are grateful for this opportunity to serve in this place at this time, and are excited to see how God uses all members of our family for His purposes.

Mission Field

We are committed to equip children with spiritual discernment, moral courage, and academic excellence to impact society through Christian living motivated by a heartfelt love for God. This will be accomplished primarily through partnership with Nicaragua Christian Academy in Managua, Nicaragua.

NCA was founded in 1991 by three missionary families serving in Nicaragua who were seeking a strong Christian education for their children. Today, NCA International has over 250 students—57% Nicaraguan, 27% from North America, and 10% from South Korea. Children of missionaries make up 31% of the student body. This educational option enables many families to serve in Nicaragua. NCA also operates two Spanish-language schools in Nicaragua, providing more than 400 additional Nicaraguan students with a Christ-centered education.

Andrew coordinates the SOAAR (Students of All Abilities Recognized) program, coordinating inclusive special education services for children with disabilities at NCA’s International Campus. He also volunteers and serves on the board of Tesoros de Dios, a center for children with disabilities. Ruth teaches Health classes at NCAI to students from kindergarten to 9th grade, while continuing to prioritize the care of our three busy children.

Support Andrew and Ruth

You can support Andrew and Ruth's work by either providing a one-time or recurring monetary gift, or by joining our prayer list.


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