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Before coming to the USA, we lived in Uganda for 14 years. In Uganda I have been a Pastor since 2001. In 2016, I was admitted to Calvin Seminary and I did MDV, I graduated in 2021. God has been sustaining me with my family and even prior to joining Seminary I had that burden on my heart to serve the community back home. I plan to preach the Gospel and help people who are marginalized like refugees, because I myself was in Kampala as a refugee.

Kampala is a capital city of Uganda in East Africa. It is a city that accommodates thousands and thousands of refugees from many countries in Africa. Many of them come from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but there are also some from Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea. Those people come to Uganda as refugees and many of them have no means to survive. No clothes, food, or shelters. They face hardships and lose hope and faith in God. Women are raped, children are abandoned and sometimes trafficked, and others become street children without food, and without shelters. With the gospel of Jesus Christ, hope will be restored to those people and life will have a meaning if those people are reached and helped to rediscover their destiny in the Name of Jesus Christ. If they are helped with the basics and taught how to pray and trust God for the best. They need to be reminded that God still loves them and cares for them regardless of their status and situation they are living in.


I will be serving by:

  • Identifying those vulnerable people and meeting them where they are or bringing them to one place where they will be prayed for and will be reminded about God's love.
  • Teaching them the word, praying with them and encouraging them to focus on being transformed and embrace a new life that is found in Jesus Christ, and invite them to experience his love and care.
  • Working with agencies of government and other NGOs in charge of refugees for better service delivery and assisting them in training leaders to understand how to care for those who are most vulnerable groups like women, children and the elderly.
  • Teaching Pastors who have churches/ministries in Kampala about how to welcome refugees and provide accommodations even in their building used as sanctuaries, and helping them to know God, to trust and know that God loves them. Even in hardship God remains a loving one and listen to the prayers of refugees and vulnerable people as well.
  • Helping youth to live a meaningful life in Jesus Christ, avoiding anything that can put them in trouble, helping to have a big and positive impact on their lives and how they choose to gather, to communicate and have a personal relationship with God.

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