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소개 Amy


From an early age, I have felt called to serve God by serving others.  Now, as a teacher, I have the opportunity to impact children’s lives and lead them on a path to Christ every day.  I love teaching students and watching them discover new things about God’s world.  God has called me to Nicaragua to teach and guide these students, children of missionaries and future leaders, in becoming disciples of Jesus Christ. It is my hope that my students will grow and deepen their relationships with God and learn to become soldiers of the cross.


As a learning resources teacher, my goal is to provide students with an environment in which they not only learn academically about the world around them, but also to guide them in their spiritual growth.  My daily prayer for my students is that they learn what I teach, but also learn how to react to situations and see the world through a Christian worldview.  These children are the future of Nicaragua, and are learning every day how to become disciples of Jesus.  As their teacher, my job is to guide them along in their journeys.

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Ways you can partner with Amy include lifting her up in prayer, offering encouragement, and providing financial support. Please become a partner in missions with Resonate Global Mission and Amy Hoogeveen.

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You can support Amy's work by either providing a one-time or recurring monetary gift, or by joining our prayer list.


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