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About Alusine and Mariama


My vision is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus to people, cultures, and tribes through Christian education and to promote love for service. My prayer has always been to be called to serve mankind in any capacity. The appointment to lead and facilitate Christian education in Kabala is a clear calling to help bring knowledge to the underprivileged, significant minority for their empowerment, liberation, and salvation. My life is a living testimony. The fact that I was born into a Muslim family and encountered Christ at a traumatic moment in my life, explains how I was being prepared for this calling. I envisage my work in Kabala to serve as an inspiration to the students and a motivation to Muslim parents to allow their children to have Christian education, which is predicated on shalom, diversity, and love. My prayer is that these children, through Christian education, will encounter Jesus’ love and compassion, and they will accept Him as their Lord and Savior.


One of my biggest roles will be to lead by facilitating the teaching and learning activities to promote staff collegiality and improve students’ outcomes. In my day-to-day stewardship of the Kabala Christian Secondary School, I will conduct research to make sure that our teaching methods use Christian perspectives and are in line with global trends in education.

As the first principal of the school, there is the urgent need to entrench a culture of collaboration, where there will be team and shared teaching practices, and an atmosphere of open communication. I will make room for valuing differences, encourage positive energy toward work, and nurture classroom practices for differentiated instruction to meet students’ different learning needs.

By the end of my two-year assignment I hope to have laid a solid foundation for a Christian education that fosters personal relations and responses, creativity, and compassion. It is my goal to provide strategic leadership to give the school in Kabala an intergenerational outlook, highlight discipline, instill hard work for success, and develop a platform for professional growth for teachers and their retention.

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