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About this Campus Ministry

Ministry is a big scary Christian word. It sometimes scares individuals away who are looking for something natural or organic, just a place to belong. Well at The Ministry, we see everything that we do as a reflection of God's redemptive work in our world. A good conversation over a hot cup of coffee, a game of pick-up hockey, an intentional study of God's word together with a group of individuals who are seeking God together.

The key to The Ministry is that we do life together.

We are not just here for when you have your act together, we are here when the going gets tough. We are here when school is bearing down on you, when relationships with your friends and family become strained, when you are questioning this whole faith thing and if it really matters to you. We are a family, and you don't get to choose your family. Come join us as we pursue God wholeheartedly, in vulnerability, and without judgment.