• October 16, 2018

    An Open-Door Policy

    When one door closed for Adam* and Kelly*, God threw another door wide open. Now, they’re opening a door for students who need a place to belong.

    Adam and Kelly had been serving as Resonate Global Mission missionaries in the Middle East, working with people from different religious backgrounds—one of their passions and goals for their ministry.

    But then visa complications forced them to leave and move to another Middle Eastern country, where an international church had been looking for a new youth pastor for several years.

  • August 9, 2018

    The Holy Spirit’s Approach to Bullying

    When a librarian frustrated by bullying in her Middle Eastern school asked God for help, he answered.

    The school was plagued by bullying. Older students shoved younger students in the hallways and knocked them to the ground on the playground.

    They taunted and insulted one another in the classrooms. The teachers were so focused on trying to keep the kids from fighting and name-calling that learning took a backrow seat.

    Still, discipline would not phase the students. As soon as teachers turned their backs, students were back to bullying.

  • February 15, 2018

    CRC/RCA Leaders Visit Muslim-Majority Countries to Develop Muslim Ministry at Home

    What would it look like for Christians and people of other faiths to have a respectful, intelligent dialogue about religion? How could we use those experiences to improve our missional efforts to share the gospel? This past November, group of four church leaders from the Christian Reformed Church and two from the Reformed Church in America* decided to find out.

    “We wanted to explore ways to make contact and build friendships of mutual understanding with religiously and culturally diverse persons,” said one Resonate staff member, summing up the trip.