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About this Church Plant

International Peacemaking Church of Christ (IPCC) is a local church within the Presbyterian-Reformed family of churches. We teach the Word of God with the aid of historic Reformed confessions of faith and ecumenical creeds. We focus our teachings on theologies of peacemaking, human dignity, integral development, and the family ministries. We learn to do right, seek justice, and defend the oppressed (Isaiah 1:17).

There is a need for our church because we are called to plant churches everywhere and there is no CRC church in Dallas. We are trying to reach people of all nations using both English and French as languages to reach people in their native tongue. We will also consider Spanish as we reach people from Hispanic backgrounds. God has already gathered people from African American, Nepalese, Vietnamese backgrounds in addition to our background which is African from the Congo. We are meeting in homes for now but seeking to worship in a public meeting place so we can expand our reach.

We are also starting a theological school as a strategy to talk about peace-making, human dignity, Christian ethics of peace making, God and development. People are very interested but we don't have an office or permanent place so we are hoping to build on what we are doing. Our regular practices will include weekly worship, small groups (home groups), discipleship training and various outreach events.

We will use the Heidelberg Catechism and TLT training for discipleship training. We want to use CRC materials to help reach and grow people. In five years we are praying for God to establish a good-standing church in Dallas with 100 members and have our own building. Each member will be contributing spiritually and financially to our church. We are also praying for God to establish a Christian School which families can send their children to. Education is an important part of reaching people and establishing people in the faith.