How Resonate Partners

Resonate provides training for new and existing IMPACT leaders, coaches leaders, and provides translated materials and curriculum working with our partners and other collaborating organizations.

Club leaders come from the local community! They use the curriculum provided by Resonate to learn and develop skills as active citizens. Your missionaries walk alongside these leaders to coach and support them as they lead their IMPACT clubs.

How your support for IMPACT Clubs makes a difference

Involvement—Local mentors give their time and energy to being involved in the lives of at-risk young people
Motivation—These mentors create vision and desire in young people to create positive change
Participation—Club participants take part in hands-on activities and skill-building projects
Action— Their new skills are immediately put to use for service in God’s Kingdom
Community— Transformation takes place throughout the community
Teens— Young women and men in at-risk areas who need your support