IMPACT is for young people

Young people are better empowered to transform the community and the world around them. This is why Resonate’s partners at the New Horizons Foundation created IMPACT clubs in 2002.

Through group activities, sharing with one another, and community service projects, IMPACT helps develop young people and give them the resources to make their dreams come true.

IMPACT works on three levels

Values in Action:

IMPACT helps teens understand and strengthen character traits like gratitude, trust, courage, and perseverance. And it pushes them to act!

Community Service Projects:

IMPACT members identify a problem in their community or some unsatisfied needs and work together to find creative solutions. Supported by IMPACT leaders, young people put their ideas into practice and solve real problems in the community. And they will do this by developing their project management skills.

Life Skills:

IMPACT helps develop skills that include organizational, communication, teamwork, and problem solving skills. Thus, young people from IMPACT are more prepared for the adult life involved in the community, but also for integration into the labor market. IMPACT also aims to practice the entrepreneurial behaviors of young people.