Holistic Mission Networks

Imagine a type of gospel ecosystem, where the hand of God is working through networks of partners from churches, classes, community organizations, and leaders to bring health and healing to the brokenness in a particular community. What an incredible, tangible picture of our Reformed faith! As the Great Lakes Regional Mission Team, we hope to see an increasing number of diverse and inclusive local networks that unite God’s people to work for spiritual and social transformation of their communities. 

Across North America and around the world, these networks already exist and are powerful testimonies of the way God can work when we unite for this purpose. Here are a few stories to wet your appetite. Take a look, and share with us your dream for developing a holistic mission network in the Great Lakes region!

  • One Wyoming: This network of schools, business, government, and churches began with a CRC/RCA Collaboration in Wyoming, MI with the dream of improving the quality of life in Wyoming, MI.
  • A Community Chaplain: John Eigege set out to plant a new church in Texas, but soon found God calling him to be a catalyst for bringing existing churches and partners together to see God’s will done in their 9th ward neighborhood as it is in heaven.
  • The Nehemiah Center: In North America’s increasingly secular society, we turn to our global partners to learn about how they connect with their communities in a similar context.  Resonate has worked to develop one of these networks in Nicaragua, The Nehemiah Center.