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About this Campus Ministry

Our vision is to display the hope and splendor of Jesus Christ to the University of Iowa community through helping faculty, scholars, students, and staff understand how faith informs all facets of life.  We seek to provide them with community, and both theological and intellectual resources to better equip them with their faith in their work and studies.

We have been a student organization at the University since 1971. We are an interaction of students, faculty, and staff who seek to serve Jesus Christ on campus by explaining Christianity, engaging education, encouraging calling, expressing prayer, and embracing cultures. Geneva is supported by the "Reformed" branch of Protestant Christianity, plus friends from many other denominations. 

We believe that God is at work in us and through us for the renewed life of all people and creation through faith, hope, and love. We provide student worship, Bible study, topical discussions, and academic lectures in the community. We have online Biblical teaching podcasts and past lectures. 

As followers of Christ, we warmly welcome all in our community to join us.