What EC Can Do

Educational Care creates an opportunity for extended discussions about how to integrate faith and learning into the classroom.

"This training helped me in a more practical way to understand what Biblical worldview is and means as opposed to what it is not. Moreover, it also challenged me to live out my life from a Biblical perspective, in the light of the Word of God."  – Billy, Educational Care participant, West Africa

Educational Care provides a mentored process for Christian educators to better enable their students to develop a Christian character and perspective on life and vocation.

"[My action plan] was very successful and had a great impact on every individual student both behavior-wise and in performance." – Martha, Educational Care participant, Kenya


Educational Care enables Christian educators to better understand their relationships with each other, parents of students, the church, and the local communit

"Before, I thought my job as a Christian religion teacher was to work only with Christian students... But now I’m realizing that the things we see around us are our responsibility, even outside of the classroom." – Educational Care participant, Middle East