• December 3, 2019

    Ministry in the Mountains

    You’re helping people in a remote area hear the good news of Jesus.

    Amid the rocky terrain of one of the world’s highest mountain ranges in Central Asia lives a people group who had never heard about Jesus. There are no schools on these mountaintops, no health clinics, no electricity. There are no roads and no easy routes for visiting.

    But because you sent Resonate missionary Matt* and his team, these isolated people heard the gospel.

  • October 9, 2019

    Out of Illness

    While at a crossroads in her life, Makie Onoda found her calling, thanks to a volunteer ministry trip with Resonate Global Mission missionaries Ken and Jeannie Lee. But it was only after she became too ill to serve that Makie sensed the urgency of God’s call.

  • September 16, 2019

    Staying the Course, Staying Connected

    Resonate Global Mission partner Morrison Academy in Taiwan provides a Christian education for children of missionaries and other international workers, but one campus only had classrooms and curriculum for students through ninth grade.

    When students reached high school, they had no other choice but to live and study at boarding school in another city, or even another country.

  • September 12, 2019

    The Hope of 'Not Yet'

    From Resonate director Zachary King:

    Sometimes, God answers our prayers with “not yet.” 

    “Not yet” can be hard to hear. “Not yet” comes with a little bit of uncertainty, a little bit of disappointment, even a little bit of sadness. But “not yet” also comes with a little bit of hope.

    “Lee, are you ready to say ‘yes’ to Jesus?” asked your missionary*. He has been walking with Lee for months as Lee searched for true joy and peace. They studied Scripture together and examined the teachings of Jesus.

    But Lee said “not yet.” 

  • August 15, 2019

    Following God to Schools throughout the World

    Meindert Prins moved to Canada from the Netherlands when he was 29. He understands just how challenging it is to not only learn English as a second language, but to learn new things in a language you’re still trying to understand.

    That’s why he partners with Resonate Global Mission to help students succeed.

    The Challenge of Language Learning

    “I’ve always had a soft spot for children,” said Meindert. “I thought after I retired, perhaps I could do some work with children wherever it’s needed.”