Holistic Mission Networks

Resonate aspires to an increasing number of diverse and inclusive local networks that unite God’s people to work for the spiritual and social transformation of their communities.

What does that look like in this region? 

  • North American English teachers are serving as university teachers to model and share Christian values of healthy self-esteem, loving our neighbors, serving others, honesty, and integrity
  • Engaging with Christians who are promoting a theistic world and life view and resisting efforts to promote a world and life view that is Shintoistic/Communist/Secular.
  • Model and mentor Christian family life and life-style evangelism.
  • Collaborating and networking with church leaders through organizations like LTIR in Japan (Leadership Training Institute for Reconciliation) to bring churches and organizations together to learn from each other and share their best practices in three countries
  • Help build connections between Christians and church leaders with their counterparts in neighboring countries.