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About this Church Plant

We sense a need for this ministry to reach with the gospel of Jesus Christ those in the City of Wyoming who are part of the Hispanic Community. We are specifically Venezuelan and we feel that makes us uniquely prepared to reach out in a different way that has not been done here in this area before.

We are currently meeting with more than 30 diverse people from various Latino backgrounds who include the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, and Venezuela among others. The need is great, and this group has already formed a bond with each other, and we continue to reach out to their friends and families.

Our model is personal training for new disciples and also getting training on reaching the community. We also serve the community through a Christian Radio Broadcast which is on 92.3 WRVU three times per week. Our regular practices will include weekly worship times, small groups in homes to disciple each other and learn to care for each other, and then we also provide English and Spanish classes for our members also open them up to the community.

Robert leads a weekly leadership class at the church site. We also attend the Community CRC monthly food truck distribution sites so we can be present to talk to and get to know better the Hispanic Community in this diverse neighborhood. We are praying for continued growth and deeper faith as we reach out and also try to meet the needs of those who regularly meet with us.

Our values include integrity, deeper learning, value of each person, a richer prayer life for our members, and to give each member some fundamental instructions into the word of God as a guide for their lives. To have developed a healthy church spiritually in missions and to increase our numbers and possibly plant other churches to send out to serve around the world.