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About this Church Plant

Thresholds is a community of missional leaders that was formed in 2013 by Rob Yackley to encourage and equip all-in followers of Jesus to pursue radically incarnational ways of being his Church. Before creating Thresholds, Rob was the co-founder and lead architect of NieuCommunities, a collective of mentoring communities sprinkled around the world that shaped people to inhabit the places they live and to lead in the way of Jesus. Their story is told in the book Thin Places.

The Thresholds team has started multiple communities in diverse settings and cultures around the world. We’ve led them. We’ve lived within them and we’ve been personally transformed through them. We are embedded in local neighborhoods and simultaneously collaborating with missional leaders and communities around the world to help advance the movement. Each of us has stepped across a threshold into a new way of living our faith and we’ve given our lives to help more and more people step into divine movement and thrive as they create life-giving communities in the neighborhoods and cities they call home.