Christian Reformed Campus ministries began in the 1930’s with the formation of a fraternity, Phi Alpha Kappa, at the University of Michigan. Rev. Leonard Verduin was called in 1941 to being a formal campus ministry there. This campus ministry has just celebrated its 75th anniversary, drawing together its many alumni commemorate this long-standing community and ministry.

While growth to other campuses was slower, there was increased vision for campus ministry and  in 1967, Synod adopted “A Campus Ministry Policy Statement”. This result in increased awareness and interest in campus ministry, and by the end of the 1970s, there were more than 2 dozen campus ministers serving across North America. Since 2010, there has been a renewed emphasis on starting and supporting campus ministries, so that now there are 37 Christian Reformed campus ministries across North America.

Each campus ministry is unique and, drawing its character and shape from the context of the campus and larger community where it is found, and on the individuals who gather to form the campus ministry community. They are also shaped by the gifts and calling of the campus ministers who lead and serve them. All, however, seek to see people flourish as they discern and pursue their calling, and to see the larger institution flourish as they engage with it both prophetically and pastorally.