How can I find out if there is a Christian Reformed campus ministry on my campus, or the campus to which I will be going?

Click here to see an interactive map of all our campus ministries in North America, along with contact information

How can I help start a Christian Reformed campus ministry on my local campus?

The first step is to get in touch with us so we can talk. We have lots of resources to help you work with your local congregations and Classis, and are able to walk alongside you through this exciting process. If you would like a bit more of an outline of what might be involved, visit this page.

Are Christian Reformed campus ministries only for Christian Reformed students or members?

Certainly not! Our campus ministry communities are made up of a wide variety of people, including Christians drawn from many traditions, as well as those from other or no faith tradition who are attracted to the community and find a welcome home there.

How are Christian Reformed campus ministries different from other campus ministries?

While we share many things in common with other campus ministries, and work together with them on campus, we do have a few distinguishing characteristics. First, we draw deeply on our Reformed traditions and theology to shape our life together. We seek to be deeply embedded in local congregations, supported by them and participating in their life and in the life of the local community. Secondly, we seek to minister with and for the whole campus community, working with faculty, staff and students across all areas of academic life. We are on campus to be a faithful Christian presence, seeking the good of those who are there, and for the campus itself.