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About this Church Plant

We are a church for people who don't go to church. We are a community with Jesus at our core and called to follow him and show him through our words and actions to our community. We are an embedded church, strategically working alongside those we are called to share Jesus with, in programs of the city that they are already involved in -- sports, music, service, neighbourhood -- rather than setting up church-based programs that we call people into. We direct our best energies and most fervent prayers toward fostering the development of a discipleship movement out of which Jesus will (continue to) build the church.

We take seriously the importance of intentional discipleship in small, accountable discipleship groups (called huddles) and we take seriously the necessity of a faith community being simultaneously small enough to care and large enough to dare and so we do much of our life in groups of 20-50, like a large house party, meeting in homes and simply sharing life with an intention to have that life intersect faith. We are a blessing to other congregations, praying that God will foster an attention to discipleship in them just because we exist.

We love the old church and its people but mourn the way rigid structures and theological differences have done little to introduce people to Jesus. We endeavour to talk about our faith in ways that are natural and winsome. We engage non-Christians in conversations of faith at a pace they welcome and which exudes love and mutual respect. We are a community for all Jesus-following people and, while Fergus is primarily homogenous today, we will be on the forefront of welcoming the stranger as Fergus doubles in size over the next decade and a half. We are led by the Spirit who indwells every Jesus follower regardless of age, race, gender, income, sexual orientation, or reputation. We are a collection of people others might label as broken, not because we are more broken but because the Gospel frees us from hiding behind externally focussed definitions of Christians so that we can attend to being people who follow Jesus, in our hearts, in truth, in life, 24/7.