Win Gritter with local leaders in Cancun, Mexico.

Several years ago, Marcial attended a workshop by Resonate Global Mission’s Winabelle (Win) Gritter that inspired him to attend seminary. Now, he's helping pastors in Cancun, Mexico, spread God’s message of reconciliation to their churches and communities.

Win has led many workshops for pastors all over the world as a Resonate missionary and now a volunteer. When Marcial participated in one of her workshops several years ago, God changed the trajectory of his life. Seeing the importance of the gospel and wanting to share about Christ with his community, Marcial took a break from his job as a professional chef and went to seminary.

Several years later, a group of local pastors was also shaped by one of Win's workshops on reconciliation. Their tenacity and excitement surprised Win when they asked her for more lessons.

The pastors told Win how revolutionary her lesson had been for them, and they wished to share what they learned about reconciliation with other local churches and the community. The churches in their communities have a history of viewing other congregations as competitors, rather than a unified body in Christ, and the pastors wanted to see churches work together.

The pastors wanted to reach many more people than a few workshops would allow, however, so they asked Win to write a book. She agreed to work with them—but wanted the words to come from the pastors themselves.

So they put out a call to the local churches in Cancun, asking for help writing the book. When Marcial heard of the project, he immediately joined the cause.


When Marcial saw an opportunity to work with Win, the woman who had helped him understand God’s mission for his life, he knew he couldn’t let the occasion pass.

Little did he know how his reunion with Win would be key for spreading God’s message of reconciliation so churches in his communities could also reunite with one another.

Seeing the need for reconciliation in his community, Marcial felt convicted to see this project through. Over the years, he has returned to every single meeting as the project turned into not just one book, but four.

Win notes that Marcial acts as the glue that holds the group together. She called him the group’s official “walking Bible.” After creating outlines and basics for each book, Marcial would take the notes home and return to the next meeting with a pile of Bible verses that fit perfectly with each lesson.

“He is a treasure,” she said. “Without him, we would really be struggling.”

Now, the pastors have been able to distribute the lessons to other church leaders in the area, spreading God’s word about reconciliation and reuniting as one in Christ.

Thank you for supporting Resonate volunteer opportunities that help spark projects like this writing group. Please pray for Marcial and other local pastors as they work to share God’s message about reconciliation with their churches and communities. Pray for open hearts and minds to receiving God’s word.