A well-planned missionary visit can make a big difference in how your church views missions. Here are some tips to plan a successful missionary visit:

  1. Involve your missionaries in a worship service
    This will help your congregation get to know the missionaries and make the missionaries feel welcomed.
  2. Schedule a visit between missionaries and your pastor
    Both will love the opportunity to talk about God’s work in the world.
  3. Involve missionaries in small-group activities like prayer groups, youth group, GEMS, Cadets, potlucks, etc.
    You want your missionaries to feel like they’re part of a community.
  4. Link missionary kids with same-aged kids in your congregation
    Who knows? Maybe some lifelong friendships will be formed!
  5. Invite your missionary out to lunch or dinner! They’ll love the gesture.
    Perhaps they’ll appreciate some American food after serving in a different country!
  6. Take care of logistics so your missionaries don’t have to
    You want their visit to be as carefree as possible!