Fulfilling Christ’s call to share His message of salvation

Many people don’t know what it means to follow Jesus. The talk they have heard about the Christian faith has only involved religious principles and the institutions involved. This talk has overshadowed the most important thing: Christ.

Resonate missionaries focus on sharing Christ’s love with others. By creating long-term friendships with local people, they show what it means to live out one’s faith. By answering questions for new believers and guiding them to a new understanding of Jesus, missionaries are bringing the Word of God to life in areas where it has little influence.

  • Muslims are learning what it means to have a personal God and personal relationship with Him

  • New believers are reading through God’s word and getting their questions about their faith answered for the first time

  • New communities of believers are forming where believers once worshipped in isolation


Featured Evangelism and discipleship projects:

  • Center For Hope: At the Center for Hope in West Africa, Christians witness to Christ by serving their Muslim neighbors and testifying to Jesus. Here we offer education in computer skills, English learning, and preventative health care.
  • Bible study materials and conferences for the Fulani people in West Africa: Bible study guides and annual conferences are important tools for evangelism and discipleship among the majority-Muslim Fulani people in West Africa. Many believers live in isolation, so the materials and conferences are essential.
  • Church planting in Rendile, Kenya: In partnership with churches in Kenya, we will provide annual support for 10 church planters in this area of unreached people groups.

One of the worst mistakes we make when working among Muslims is to place the focus on religion and its institutions. But Jesus preached the kingdom of God and talked about worshiping in spirit and in truth. Muslims too need to hear about Jesus, not rival religious institutions.” -Resonate missionary in West Africa