Building Bridges With Believers Worldwide

Christian communities in North America and around the world struggle with putting their faith into action. Many of these people are not using their resources to their full potential for God’s Kingdom and do not engage social issues effectively.

To address this discrepancy Resonate missionaries work in partnership with local leaders to answer two questions: What does the Good News of Jesus look like here and now and how can we work together to make that happen? These questions have different answers in different contexts but all of these answers put faith into action. With Resonate missionaries at their side, worldwide leaders are making change in their communities.

  • Pastors in El Salvador are responding to violence, poverty, and discrimination in their country
  • Young leaders in Romania are creating organized activities for students who have no organized activities outside of school
  • A young couple developed a magazine that addresses family issues from a faith perspective


Featured community transformation projects:

  • Youth Clubs in Honduras: Located in four marginal communities of Honduras’s capital, these youth clubs will enable at-risk youth to develop skills that they will use to strengthen their neighborhoods.
  • Nurses in Nepal: a grant to the Mizoram Presbyterian Synod Mission that allows four medical nurses to go to Nepal. These nurses work with church planters and pastors in Nepalese Hindu communities to demonstrate the holistic nature of God's kingdom.
  • Seeds of a New Creation: a community of hospitality and mutual learning in service of the Christian community and its mission in El Salvador.


“Transformation cannot occur outside of community. What cities need is a group of people who come to a table committed, not to get something from the table but to put something on the table for the city’s spiritual and social transformation.” -Joel Van Dyke, Guatemala